Our Application Development and Management Services (ADMS) practice help you to address challenges of evolving business and technology landscape. We will work with your team to design and build tailor made applications to meet your current and dynamic future requirements. Our maintenance services helps you to utilize your limited IT budgets diligently by offshoring regular maintenance and management activities and utilize the saved dollar in investing in newer technology and demanding business needs.

Application Development

Our Application Development and Management (ADM) services practice provide full life cycle application management – from strategy to custom application development, to ongoing application maintenance and support. We have reliable practice for application modernization. Depending on your strategy in outsourcing, you can choose from our flexible engagement models and use our services in either a strategic staffing or co-sourcing model, for fixed-deliverable projects, or as a managed service.

With ADM services, you can:

  • Significantly reduce your cost of application maintenance, management, development and support
  • Enhance your productivity by redeploying your internal resources on higher value engagements
  • Improve operational efficiency and increase productivity by streamlining processes to reduce defects and release tested applications before going live
  • Deliver quality applications to your users and increased adoption of key applications
  • Reduce time to market by utilizing our ability to upscale and downscale resource count in quick time

Our experience in application development and management spreads across technologies. You can call us for Microsoft based application development on .NET, C#, Visual Studio, SharePoint, etc. If you are open source fan, we can help you with core PHP development or CMS solutions such as Joomla or Drupal. We have the necessary wherewithal to develop and deploy applications on popular PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Zend or Yii. If you are looking to build cloud centric multitenancy applications, you are at the right place.

Application Management & Maintenance

Few analysts estimate that enterprises are spending two-thirds of their IT budget on ongoing maintenance and support of business applications. Few others estimate that for every dollar spent on new application development, they spend five dollars on maintenance and support. CXOs are looking to control these costs by outsourcing these aspects of their business. But they are faced with challenges of quality, risk, ever changing business requirements and integration with upcoming technologies.

Our ADM Services practice provides a low-risk approach that is measurable, repeatable, and can be managed across multiple platforms and architectures. Our goal is to help CXOs to reduce their costs on these portfolio so that they can invest their IT budgets on upcoming technologies and increased business demands. Our ADMS practice offers following services and we can discuss if you are looking for any other services in this area:

  • Managed Application Services Consulting
  • Application Offshoring Services
  • Incident and Problem Management
  • Build & Release Management
  • Application Upgrades
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Managed Services for Microsoft Applications
  • Managed Services for Open Source Applications, especially PHP
  • SharePoint Managed Services
  • Active Directory Managed Services