Transformation is a journey to success (‘means to the ends), and in our experience, technology adoption is a state of mind as far as the business users are concerned. It is a complex behavioral science, which provoked us to focus on the transformation services. A study revealed that, a number of business and technology initiatives fail due its poor ability to carry people along. Our transformation services are aimed to manage this journey.

One of our key service differentiator is our focus on ‘how to’ than ‘what to’ in our solution design. Our transformation focus is embedded into our implementation services and offers a well drafted business transformation program.

Our Approach

We follow the famous ‘resistance triangle’ to manage the transformation. Each of the three dimensions requires a unique approach to manage the unique challenges.


The three sides of the triangle are “How to” “What to”
And “Not want to”

People resist change and there are reasons for it. It is a Not a one size fits all approach. We classify the resistance Into following three buckets to set our custom Solution design

How to? – In this case there is absence of knowledge and hence a well-structured communication matrix is a must

What to? – In this case there is a basic lack of understanding of the impact. This needs training and education

Not want to? – This is an attitude issue and hence requires custom counseling in the form of discussion and handholding.

Our approach is time tested and our programs have helped us to achieve integral benefit in some of our large scale transformation exercises.

Change management consultancy

Change is here to stay and intensify. Managing change is not an option but a ‘must-do’ for all levels in corporate. We manage change through a strong custom development multi-dimensional program. Our services are designed to logically approach the problem in a sequence:

Identify ‘why’ change?

Our consultants begin to prepare a strong business case for change at every layer, which is the change driver. 

Identify the ‘positive impacts and benefits”

Draw and present the positive impacts and benefits of changes to the stakeholders.

Deliver the “right message” through “right medium”

As part of change management, we design a custom developed communication matrix and delivery channels like workshops, one to one communication and participatory approach.

Training and education

Training and education is a one of the key transformation enablers (please refer our change management consultancy section to understand the ‘resistance triangle’). The core aim of any training program should be to facilitate change.  In a corporate environment, the practicality and context specific training design is a key to success. We offer varieties and impactful training programs. Some of our service highlights are:

Instructor lead training (ILT):

We perform a short assessment with the target audience to customize the program and exercises.


We offer courses through our SCORM compliant eLearning portal for convenience and comfort, which will be the future of corporate learning programs.