Information technology is an integral part of any enterprise and adoption of right technology remains a business challenge. The ability of the business to keep up the promises of its clients, employees and stakeholders largely rests on its ability to transact its business in an effective and efficient manner.  Consequently, the definition and implementation of the most suitable enterprise resource planning and relationship solutions are stepping stones to the success of the business.

Our enterprise solutions & services focus on supporting organizations in the following major areas:

  • Implementation services
  • Customization services
  • Add-on development services
  • Application support services

KW possesses state of the art applications and infrastructure platforms to simulate complex client problems and provide solutions. We offer enterprise wide services in the design, implementation and processing of data in various tiers 1 ERP, CRM and BI application systems allowing the business enterprises to focus on its core business.

Our approach

Over years, our team has matured the evolution of ERP consultancy to make it client oriented than application oriented. Though we follow standard implementation framework of our principals, we do customize our approach to suit every client’s unique context without compromising the benefits of standard methodologies. This delivers a unique benefit to clients while gives us the satisfaction of retaining focus on client specific solution. We have a three staged approach to our enterprise solutions and services approach:

Ascertain business case: In this stage, our experienced consultants conduct leadership meetings with business leaders and management team to document the case for change (major business driver for the technology investments in ERP, CRM and BI).

Solution design: The solution design stage starts from problem statement and ends when solutions to address the problem statements are identified.

Deployment: Carefully chosen deployment strategy which aims at effective change management while maximizing business benefits.

Implementation services

Our implementation services focus on tier 1 application in ERP, CRM and BI. We are one of the most admired partners of leading applications in the market. Over years, we have created a niche for ourselves in the implementation space by increasing the number of successful clientele across diverse industry segments. We aim to provide the best client benefits through:

  • Business focused solutions
  • Concern and attention to details
  • Simplifying the complexities using our experience

We currently deal with Oracle e-Business suite (Financials, HRMS, CRM, Projects, Supply Chain, Property and Siebel CRM), Business Intelligence(BIEE analytics, discoverer, COGNOS, Business Objects and Hyperion) and Epicor 9 ERP suite.

Customization services

There is always a trade off between decreasing the quantum of customization while managing all unique requirements of our clients. Our solution design concepts in ERP implementation focus on identifying the ‘right requirements’ that needs customization. Accordingly, using our experience, we provide the right advisory to support the customization. We take extreme care to minimize disruptions to upgrade while balancing the right integration to standard application architecture. Our customization services provide the following benefits to our clients

  • Meet unique client requirements through robust gap analysis and customization
  • Seamless integration to standard application architecture
  • Create add-on modules of value to client businesses

Please refer to our enterprise application integration services to understand more about some of the value added integration support services to our clients.

Custom module development services

Each business is unique in its own merit. Due to competitive nature of the market, most of the organizations need specific technology assistance to realize their strategies. At times, it is a business requirement to provide them a differentiator from the standard implementations. We have a strong software development life cycle maturity that can help our clients with custom developed modules. Having all our experience in standard applications, our development team is highly tuned to produce modules that are based on product concepts, where we offer the following benefits to our clients:

  • Configurable application modules
  • Scalable design
  • Standardized templates to have an unique user interface

Application support services

In our experiences, a number of business enterprises are extremely jittery of technology investments due to poor support perceptions (after implementation support). There are number of bad experiences in the market. Support is a key to technology since support not only provides continuity but is an important component to technology transition at the end of current technology life cycle. It is trust and responsiveness that is a paramount importance when it comes to supporting customers.

What have we done to support our customers?

We have consciously created a pool of resources committed to provide support across all applications that we deal with.

Benefits to customers

Our local presence is the first level of commitment to our clients. With our onsite client coordination, and with advancement in secured remote connections, we have established a model that balances responsiveness and support cost to our clients.