The 21st century business houses are more and more reliant on web of knowledge to drive their business strategies and plans, where information technology plays an unprecedented role in accomplishing the business results. At Knowledge Web, our mission is to leverage our experience in ERP and Business Intelligence solutions with a motive to deliver the ‘right technology enablement and transformation’ experience to our prestigious clients.  We have carefully crafted our services portfolio’s with a ‘Balanced Approach’ to drive the technology implementation well supported with change management and learning solutions. We differentiate our services with client oriented approach, after thoroughly understanding you and your needs.


KW follows a strong methodology with hands of some of the finest and experienced consultants to deliver implementation services in the ERP, CRM and BI domain. Our partnership with some of the premium product organizations like Oracle, Epicor with an objective to deliver the state of the art of technology implementations. Our strength is our experienced consulting team from diverse industry back ground. Ruled by our guiding principle, where we craft the solution that most suits the business context.

Our ERP, CRM, BI solution services focus on:
  • Implementation services
  • Customization services
  • Custom module development services
  • Application support services


One of our key differentiators is our initiative to understand our client and focus on the approach in our solution design. Our experience reflects that success comes from managing people and the change involved during the implementation. A number of successful and not so successful case studies reveal the importance of managing change and resistance. We have embedded the transformation focus into our implementation services to offer a well drafted business transformation program.


  • Change management consultancy
  • Training and education


As we understand, that Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is gaining importance in the recent past. There is an urge in every business enterprise for system interface/integration to get connected with the overall organization enabling a broader view, so we assist our clients to look out for solutions to get connected with their diversified applications within and outside the enterprise to trim down the complexity.. We choose the right ‘integration architecture’ at a conceptual level and then a realization strategy for implementing data and knowledge integration.

Our integration services include:
  • Integration design and development (tier 1 applications like SAP, Oracle, Epicor)
  • Implementation of middleware solutions and integration architecture


With a team of dedicated professional and knowledge resources, who constantly attempt to scan the market for emerging technologies and disruptive technologies. Our mission is to commit ourselves to provide the leading edge in our solutions to enable our clients to compete with the growing needs and advancements. With a commitment to challenge the ever advancing technology, we have expanded our vision in the following few areas:

  • ADIC - Automatic identification and data capture solutions like RFID
  • Knowledge management solutions (work flow, document management and knowledge repositories)