Knowledge Web is founded and driven by a set of young yet experienced professionals, who are known for their finest professional services in the enterprise solutions and transformation. The initiative came during a period when customers where gradually failing to realize and measure the real benefits of IT investments, while ironically, technology investments were increasing. The scenario urged for an expert assistance to clients, who could assist with a strong proof of concept, road map and who can clearly articulate the business benefits in terms of dollar value and soft benefits. This approach required not only experience but more importantly the capability and intent to work with the clients to understand their problems, while creating innovative solutions. Such efforts can only be driven by passion and dedication, which is inbuilt in our management team for you. Our management teams have conceptualized the service portfolio into core services and the associated transformation services.

Our management team strongly believes that, the implementation of enterprise solutions like ERP/CRP have to sink with product capability as well as with the transformation ability to deal with change management and the orientation strategy to support organizational readiness with training and education. Request you to navigate to our ‘service’ page to gain more understanding about our service capabilities.