There is no end for adapting technology to reap business benefits. On the contrary, business houses are left with limited options when it comes to a question of ‘should we embrace the latest technology?” In our experience, we realized that the biggest challenge of adapting a newer technology is the lack of clarity on impact and benefits. Both of these concerns need a strong demonstration of business case, a detailed impact analysis, and perhaps a pilot study to demonstrate the value.

We have a team of dedicated professionals and knowledge resources that constantly scan the market for emerging technologies and disruptive technologies. Our mission is to commit ourselves ahead of the learning curve to provide the leading edge solutions to our clients. In line with this, our aim is to focus and leverage the emerging technologies to meet our client’s interest. Currently, we have identified the following few focus areas. We stay committed to update this space to reflect the latest and newest areas to meet our client interest.

Our Approach

Our efforts are identical to a typical research and development wing of corporate entity. We follow a portfolio approach to opportunities and the specific sequences are summarized below.

Market & technology scan: We specifically focus on the domain and our client business to understand the emerging needs while closely watching the technology trends for identifying relevance to industry context

Create models: We believe that creating a model that represents complex relation provides simplified view of relevance and impact.

Pilot analysis: Perform pilots with organizations that are leaders in technology adoption. We document the process and results to reconfirm our model

Create value proposition: From the above structured approach, we create our client value model.

ADIC – RFID solutions

About the service

Right form time and attendance system to complex global supply chain scenario, there are significant investments made in the automation of data capture. Advanced scanning, relay and telecommunication technology has lead the innovation of process efficiency, speed, accuracy and effectiveness to number of touch points of business data.

The usage and application areas of RFID within business context are increasing day by day. A number of process improvement exercises are pointing to potential usage of RFID, when it comes to tracking and controlling physical movements of goods within and across business entities. We have identified RFID a one of the related extension of our core services related to ERP, CRM and BI. Our services include:

  • Business case development for RFID investments
  • RFID implementation and integration to core ERP

Knowledge management solutions

About the service

More than 80% of organizational data remains un-structured and most of thoseun-structured information may still be captured by a technology solution. However, the latent value of business information contained in such unstructured component is driving the implementation of knowledge management solutions in business enterprises.

We offer comprehensive knowledge management solutions through partnership with tier 1 application providers in the space. Our services are comprehensive and covers the total knowledge management needs of corporate by performing

  • KM consultancy: It is an important first step in KM consultancy prior to solution implementation
  • KM deployment: Solution deployment across document, content and knowledge domains
  • Digitization: Conversion and migration into electronic records